SEASIDE AND MORE LTD. is a Wolverhampton-based  company with various business activities. The directors of the company have gained a vast amount of experience during the years in various fields of the market until they found what they had been looking for, which is combining their expertise with their passion.

Our mission is to connect people all over the world through the beauty of art and help them to live happy and healthy. We believe that physical and psychological well-being are interrelated and the human being needs to be looked at with a holistic approach. The love of art is able to give pleasure for the soul that leads to intellectual well-being while the consumption of the right dietary supplements can help the body maximize its capability and be able to cope with the daily challenges of life.

Our vision is to change the lives of people both locally and globally by helping them to reach their potential with a Healthy Body & Soul.

Hope to get in touch with You to accomplish something amazing together. 

Viktoria & George 

Directors of Seaside And More Ltd